Yayla and Konukçu is a law firm based in Istanbul, Turkey, serving Turkish and international corporations, financial institutions, investors and private clients.

We are committed to client service. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of legal advice, coupled with practical and effective solutions, drawing on our extensive experience across a variety of market sectors. We make a difference for our clients with:
- Distinguished Team With Significant Experience and Expertise
- Capability and Experience in Various Areas of Law and Industries
- Solution Oriented Approach
- Approachable and Committed

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News & Insights

10 Mar
Regulation on Remote Working Procedures and Principles

The Remote Working Regulation (the “Regulation”) which has entered into force upon being published in the Official Gazette on 10 March 2021, sets out the procedures and principles applicable to remote working. “Remote working” has become much more common with Covid-19 pandemic impacting the globe. …

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05 Mar
Debt Assumption Undertaking by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure of the Republic of Turkey in BOT Projects

The draft law submitted to the Parliament on 1 March 2021 (the “Draft Law”) enables the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (“MTI”) to be party to the debt assumption agreements in build-operate- transfer (“BOT”) projects for which debt assumption undertaking is provided by administrative…

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15 Oct
Announcement on Foreign Currency Based or Foreign Currency Indexed Contract Prices has been published by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

Through the Presidential Decision dated 12 September 2018 and numbered 85 (“Decision”), the Decree on the Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency numbered 32 was set forth that real and legal persons resident in Turkey, with some exceptions, should not enter into contracts containing foreign cur…

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