12 June 2020

The new Notam On Covid-19 Flight Restrictions for Turkish Aerodroms (“NOTAM”) has been entered into force on 11 June 2020 via being published by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (“SHGM”).

As per to the NOTAM, as of June 11, 2020, 20:59 Utc, all flights to and from Turkish airports shall be permitted, regardless of seat configuration, provided that the following rules are followed:

  1. All passengers must wear masks at airports and aircraft.
  2. All passengers are required to fill in a passenger information form on their arrival flight.
  3. All incoming passengers shall be examined and those who show symptomatic indications shall be tested.
  4. This procedure shall be announced to the passengers by the airline before and during the flight.
  5. Passengers whose test results are positive shall not be deported and shall be treated.
  6. Flight permits to be issued for the countries to be launched shall be coordinated with the Ministry of Health.
  7. During all flights, airlines shall comply with the rules determined by the airline and airport pandemic guide published by SHGM.

You may reach the full version of the NOTAM by clicking here.  


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